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thursday:LLP’s, Jones Design Company.

I’ve mentioned on here before how much I love checking in on the ladies over at The Creative Mama for all things, well… mommy and creative. They continually bring something to the table that is fresh, and helpful, and beautiful to boot.

This morning as I fumbled around in bed for my phone, I saw the latest tweet and headed over to TCM blog to find an amazing woman being featured; Emily Lex of Jones Design Company.

Emily is a lover of all things creative, design, paper, home, and most importantly she loves Jesus and is a great mama to her kiddos and wife to her hubby.

The post on TCM has a few before and after room designs that she had done. They were stunning. But what drew me to click on her site was the sentence that read, “I also really love her post about time management.”

Dunzo. I was at her website within mere seconds.

I am a sucker for 1) all things self help and 2) a fellow mommy who blogs about her life struggle with the dreaded term, ‘time management’.

What I read, I wasnt prepared for. I was expecting a checklist of sorts, “do this, get rid of this, organize your entire life and then you can start this checklist, get a nanny and a housecleaner”, etc. What I actually came across were 9 totally do-able, totally down to earth, totally normal and ATTAINABLE goals to keep in mind when trying to manage your time.

Please,before going any further, read her post about time management and then come back to me.

There. Feel better dont you? a little more “as it turns out, im not as crazy and manic as i thought” huh?

1. some things can wait.

2. do little things as you go.

3. multi-task

4. stay focused when it matters most

5. delegate and ask for help (and then accept it)

6. create a schedule

7. limit tv watching and internet searching

8. let go of guilt

9. grab hold of the really valuable moments.

the two things that hit me most? First,  creating a schedule and sticking to it. Obviously I’m bad at this. And honestly, its really difficult when you’re children are young like mine are. Nothing is ever planned, there’s no schedule that they adhere to day in and day out. Its also difficult when you work from home, and when you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck i.e. needing to work your tail off whenever you have a spare moment.

Hopefully Ben will find a job. Hopefully I’ll learn to have a schedule around my kids non-schedule. Hopefully we’ll get out of debt and wont have to ship out everything we get in so I dont have to work all the time. But if none of that happens how we need it to happen, I’ll refer to #5 and #8 and it’ll all be ok.

The second thing, is how she referred to the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible when she was talking about taking a hold of the real moments. All of my life I’ve been afraid of missing out. Convinced I’ve been getting the shaft. Tortured by the guilt of trying to do it all and it never being enough. Wrestled with working my life away whilst the world happens around me. I know someone like this, exactly like this, and I pray for her…constantly. That God would release her from her chains that she’s wrapped around herself, that she would know real love and real peace and real rest and that Jesus would literally just give her some breaks now and again. That he’d bless her despite how much she worries He wont.

And I’m her. I am that very girl that I pray for. I am Martha.

2011 is looming and all I can think about is the many things that need to change around here. How I need to change. This new year I hope to actually be disciplined enough to keep any goals, let alone resolutions.

Emily, thanks for being normal.

And to close, the most amazing thing about this post on Time Management from Emily, is that she gives you two free downloadable pdf’s at the bottom of the page; how to balance work and children, and how to delegate.

And, the “I can not do it all” jpegs? Also available for download, so you can print them. I just placed an order with my print company for a million 5×7’s of these to put in strategic areas around my home. And one big one to go in my office. Obviously.

Emily and her husband also do a workshop called Be Inspired, all about starting and maintaining a successful small business. If any of you ladies are interested, definitely check on info for that here. I believe registration for the current one is closed, maybe you could contact her for info on the next one!

I hope her post inspired you ladies, I truly feel like it has changed my life. Or it will change it…very, very soon.


someone organize my life? please?

MY WORST BATTLE….constant and every day, stemming from my lack of discipline, yes….is STAYING ORGANIZED. im not an organized person. i want with everything that is in me, to become that person who has labels and boxes and shelves and pails and nooks and stashes for EVERYTHING. really, i long and desire to be that person. i know some of my friends who are and seriously, if they’d let me & i could afford it, i’d pay them to come and spend a week with me.

i know ive mentioned before this blog called The Creative Mama. I love it. loads and loads of useful information at all times. They had a post last week on organization, but on a small scale. this was good for me to read. i am bad at taking on huge projects because i inevitably never finish them. i need to start small.

i started on my office the other day…my office that has spilled onto the dining room table and the kitchen bar, as well as being housed, “technically” in the office space upstairs. while my intern emy worked hard on some editing and josiah napped, i spent a good 3 hours trying to get some sense of organization to appear in my office. and i succeeded a little. but i lack the shelving space..i lack the little boxes and filing systems. i instead found out that i have about 4,965 post it notes and over a million file labes and pushpins. what the heck? i need storage space and i am stuck with pushpins.

so i read this post on The Creative Mama and felt better. then i did a little scoping around and found these little treasures on West Elm’s website. i love how modern looking they are, and how simple they look design-wise. i want something like this for my office.

and then ofcourse, i found myself on pottery barns website and immediately began DROOLING over this system for a home office. PLEASE? someone? bless me with this??

ahh, well…until i can afford these things i’ll keep on dreaming and keep on trying to organize on a small scale. anyone have any great ideas on how to organize without spending one of these and one of these? (arm and a leg. i was pointing…but you couldnt see that..)

tuesday’s stalking recap.

ok so im online constantly. now, i used to strictly stalk photography blog…wedding photographers mostly. but after going to wppi this year (photography conference and convention in vegas) and hearing jonathan canlas speak, i decided to hold off. he encouraged wedding photographers to stop looking at other peoples work constantly, or you’ll never be happy with your own. aside from my SoFly girls (love you girls!), ive definitely held off and  must say…i’m happier.

so now my blog stalking has moved to other genres…design blogs, mom blogs, DIY sites, etsy, stationary sites….love them all. anything art related makes me giddy.

FIRST UP – my all time favorite, Smitten Design Blog. this is put together and kept up beautifully by a fabulous friend of mine, Ashley Cortese. In her day to day she is the Event Coordinator for the FSU Foundation in Tallahassee, but she is a designer at heart. Smitten Design consists of osts of constant inspiration and fun pictures from whatever is floating around in her genius art-filled head. i’m always checking out her blog for the newest post, and today stumbled across THIS. Ben and I are constantly saying…”ugh, i wish our brides would take the time to buy a beautiful hanger for their wedding dress!”…AND look no further Ashley Cortese has saved the day. I cant wait to share this with future brides. check out Smitten Design here.

NEXT UP – i love following The Creative Mama. its run by 10 women; 8 photographers, one designer, and a fellow fabulous mommy-blogger. (go to their about page to check them all out!) the posts are all inspirational….good buys and finds, recpies, kids stuff, DIY ideas, and a whole host of other topics that are always fun to read and check out. I also follow them on twitter to get their latest updates…LOVE this blog. im about to get the ingredients for this amazing chocolate molten cake and try it out…cant wait..

i follow a whole lot more but i’ll save them for another day. enjoy looking through these sites….!