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tuesday: pic of the week, GNO.

thats right. its tuesday. and im doing a pic of the week.

tuesday is also known as backwards day. or forwards. whatever.

point is, today started as any other day…with a giant to do list. and then something happened that threw a bit of a monkey wrench in our day, putting everything else on hold, so I didnt get to my design project. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY. And Praise the Lord for that!


For those of you who aren’t privy to RebekahHood’isms….GNO stands for girls night out. Every girl needs them. Frequently. I’m talking in short sentences a lot today.

Anyways, last night was girls night out for me and about 13 other SoFly girlies. SoFly is my women only photography group that I founded. Women professionals, girl talk, mojitos, cookie decorating….lets just say you’d love to have been a fly on the wall.

We had some really good discussions. About life, business, our struggles and a few triumphs. Then as the night wore on, some of us really opened up about how we felt about eachother. About our group, about our true feelings. Something so beautiful happens when women shed the “bottle it up” stigma and get real with one another. By the end of the night, I truly felt like I knew you ladies better, more intimately. Which is why I started the group to begin with. Beautiful things happen when honesty rules.

This is a shot of Sara’s sparkly heel. It truly exemplifies what the night was meant for…girls having fun and letting their hair down. Eating icing and baking cookies, slurping twizzlers and cheers’ing each other, laughing and maybe even tearing up…the perfect GNO. (*although next year my vote is for karaoke and a major dance party…ladies am I right??)



as i rocked him to sleep, i felt the weight of his 24 lb body in every area of my being. as he breathed in and out, pacifier quivering, i sighed and closed my eyes and felt it again..

the weight.

its heavy. its overwhelming. some days its all consuming and its all you can do to take a deep breath and say “im thankful, i am.” and in the same breath, you realize that YES…you are thankful. all it takes is one glance into my little buddy’s sparkly blue eyes, one giant smile that uses every muscle in his face…yea, you’re thankful. i’m thankful.

as hard as its been, you know, learning how to be a mom, the biggest thing ive learned is that as women we are so much more. we’re married and have responsibilities to our husbands. lots of us have jobs and whether we do them from home or we have to leave our home, they take time and energy. and then yes, we have ourselves:) the hardest part of all….we still have to (and want to!) take care of ourselves. being pulled in all these directions and being expected to give 120% to all of them is more than exhausting…

its impossible.

so here i am. admitting the impossible. writing about the struggles and the triumphs along the way to a “normal life”. i am embracing the impossible and striving for every day to be a day that i get done what i get done, and love who i love,. thats it..nothing more.

my name is rebekah and i am married to ben whom i love so much. we’ve been married for almost 6 years, and in june 2009 we had our first adventure..josiah. he’s 10 months and literally the highlight of all my days. in january 2010 we found out that, hood # 2 is fast on its way, due in September. i own my own photography business and love to shoot weddings and engagements all over the southeast. i work from home which i love, am blessed to do, and is extremely difficult. in 2009 i started a photography group for south florida women pro photographers called SoFly. amidst all of this, ben is in school getting his biology degree and he works as a private tutor. we reside in west palm beach, florida and love where we live. we have the best friends here, the most amazing church here, and are so thankful for the life we lead.

so theres a bit about me. hopefully that sets the stage for much of what you will read and experience here. next up, the first post on baby hood #2, and the countdown to finding out if we are picking a girl name or a boy name…

photo credit: kat braman