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tuesday: pic of the week, GNO.

thats right. its tuesday. and im doing a pic of the week.

tuesday is also known as backwards day. or forwards. whatever.

point is, today started as any other day…with a giant to do list. and then something happened that threw a bit of a monkey wrench in our day, putting everything else on hold, so I didnt get to my design project. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY. And Praise the Lord for that!


For those of you who aren’t privy to RebekahHood’isms….GNO stands for girls night out. Every girl needs them. Frequently. I’m talking in short sentences a lot today.

Anyways, last night was girls night out for me and about 13 other SoFly girlies. SoFly is my women only photography group that I founded. Women professionals, girl talk, mojitos, cookie decorating….lets just say you’d love to have been a fly on the wall.

We had some really good discussions. About life, business, our struggles and a few triumphs. Then as the night wore on, some of us really opened up about how we felt about eachother. About our group, about our true feelings. Something so beautiful happens when women shed the “bottle it up” stigma and get real with one another. By the end of the night, I truly felt like I knew you ladies better, more intimately. Which is why I started the group to begin with. Beautiful things happen when honesty rules.

This is a shot of Sara’s sparkly heel. It truly exemplifies what the night was meant for…girls having fun and letting their hair down. Eating icing and baking cookies, slurping twizzlers and cheers’ing each other, laughing and maybe even tearing up…the perfect GNO. (*although next year my vote is for karaoke and a major dance party…ladies am I right??)


monday: hood life, hustle and bustle.

its that time of year.

parties. family. get togethers. constant activity. the time of year where I eat about 4985 times my share of a normal persons diet. awesome!

we’ve traveled almost the entire last 2 months…nuts! we miss church and our friends. It  was so good to go morning and night service yesterday and worship with our community. the best time of our week!

a few things that got opened up in my Photoshop today:

this is the craft table at my brothers xmas party at his apartment…he lives with 5 other boys. they are beyond hilarious. read the sign carefully, and proceed to die laughing.

this is my littlest niece, miss R. we were in Tallahassee the first weekend in December, and Bradley (my bro in law) initiated some s’more making at the fireplace. good times, even better s’mores.

this, my friends, is a reminder that christmas is in 12 days. lest you had forgotten….makes me uber sad. I wish Christmas was like, 3 months long. it is not a fun thought for me that my lights and decorations and cider making and The Carpenters Christmas Album playing has to be done and put away in 13 days. i dont like it one. little. bit.

and this….well, this is my saving grace. this, laid out on my kitchen table, is a small little reminder that “Real Simple Mag and the New Anthropologie Catalog are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Yea, you thought BEER was proof…nah, Real Simple Mag and the new Anthro catalog are proof. Ya heard? (yes! Katie Perdue my subscription came! aren’t you relieved for me!!)


I would insert a picture, now, of my awesome and totally ballin’ Kallima Xmas Party over the weekend…if I had taken a single picture, that is. On one hand I think, “man, that was dumb”…on the other, I realize that it felt AMAZING not to pick up a camera and to simply dance my tushy off for 5 straight hours to the musical stylings of the jammin DJ Sean Nyffeler. To those of you who missed…be sad. Be very sad. There’s always next year! Bigger and Better it will be.

Next up in the Hood World:

re-brand of the kallima blog and website before Jan. 1

xmas in deland


Will keep everyone in the loop, as always. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s design Tuesday, I’ll hopefully be outlining and photo documenting my adventures in making my niece her very own vintage jewelry box for christmas.


monday: hood life, carry on.

i saw the poster as i was darting up the stairs to get my job done….while concentrating on my “work”….my “art”….i was shooting a wedding and of course, the thoughts and actions on the forefront of my mind were all work related. “ok, dress…jimmy choos…bouquets…jewelry, check. now for makeup shots…”. my mind running in a million different directions..ideas running rampant in my head…discussions on light and time of day, shadows and creativity with Kat…all work related thoughts.

meanwhile Darby was downstairs. yes, in my brides house. yes, i had to bring my 10 day old with me to a wedding and take care of her for the first 3 hours of shooting until my mom arrived to save the day. yes, i brought my newborn with me to a wedding.

when i realized how silly it was for me to have to do this the night before, i panicked. what am i supposed to do? i cant NOT bring her. the child has to eat. shes been in the world 10 days and what, im going to leave her for 14 hours? i have to bring her. what am i supposed to do…

my bride jodi was amazing. her family and bridesmaids, even more amazing. holding darby, talking to her, telling me how great it was that i had her with me and that they felt like they really knew me personally…

i was relieved. so thankful. but still, i had a job to do. thats why i was there. to document jodi’s day. i was running around like crazy with work on the brain, hating every second that i had to think about being torn between work and my baby.

and i saw the poster…as i was darting up the stairs to “get my job done”…

and i realized i didnt have to choose. God was there, He was taking care of her by keeping her calm…keeping her quiet…keeping her content, so that i didnt have to worry and i could fulfill my responsibilities.

last year for months before josiah was born and for the first few weeks afterwards, i prayed every day, multiple times, that God would teach me what it meant to love Him first, my husband second, and my children third. (notice work was not in the top 3) And then, God allowed Ben to become gravely ill and put into the hospital for 2 months…and recovery for another 2 months…(with other hospital visits in between)…and i was taking back everything i had asked the Lord. All of the sudden I didnt have a CHOICE about the order of my priorities…I had to fully rely on God to heal Ben, be there for my husband as he was in pain and in the hospital all alone, and then feed and attempt to love and nurture my little Josiah with what little energy i had left. God put my priorities in order…in the right order.

So here I am again…needing some re-organization of life priorities….and i thought bringing Darby to ONE wedding was going to simply break me…? God has so much more challenging things in store for me and my adventures with 2 kids.

Keep calm and carry on. Repeat.

friday: out of town!

hey ladies:) Ben and I are in beautiful central florida today to shoot a wedding at the Winter Park Farmers Market…one of our very favorite venues. Home of Darby & Steve’s wedding in 2009!

Jodi and Luke are about the coolest couple we could photograph on this gorgeous 85 degree day. And we are so excited Kat Braman is along to shoot with us.

Happy weekend to all of you, and here’s to wishing Jodi & Luke the most awesome of wedding days..ever!

monday: hood life, life in spurts.

my life these days is a series of energy spurts, conversation spurts, work and nesting spurts…so it shouldnt surprise any of you that this post of the hood life come in any different format…I currently cannot think or write in anything other than short bursts.

I understand the nesting thing really, I do. But this is my second pregnancy, and I’ve found that it doesn’t happen for me literally until days before the impending….sometimes HOURS before. I don’t get the bug until the last second.

Saturday, I suddenly needed chocolate ganache. And just like that I made the most yummy chocolate ganache cake; and then decided it wasnt any good unless warmed in the microwave before every piece could be consumed. So now I microwave it before consuming. Soooo much better.

Today, Audrey Assad is getting me through this cleaning. And Josiah loves to hear me sing to her….really, I’m singing to him. He likes it…he dances. 🙂

I got a really cool email today about some wedding submission possibilities and I can’t even describe how cool it could be. Could be Kallima Photography’s big break….if I ever get one:) positive thinking…

I’m actually whittling away at the before Darby list…with some speed. And because starting the last few nights, apparently, I cannot sleep worth a wink…I might just give up and start getting up to get more of it done. Hey, whats a few less hours of sleep in the GRAND scheme of things…really? I mean, as soon as Darby gets here it’s basically non-existent so honestly…a few less now really can’t hurt.

Graham is almost finished with the artwork on the walls of the kiddos room. Should finish tomorrow. I cannot wait to show you all…part of it will be revealed on the rad mom blog tomorrow for design stay tuned. And last week, the beautiful and incredibly caring Laurie Kleinhenz came over with reinforcements…boys…and they worked well into the evening to finish the gray paint on the walls in there…and let me tell you, It looks MORE than fabulous. More. promise.

New ideas are in the works between Ben and I for Kallima Photography…branding ideas…future ideas..its exciting and overwhelming and will ONLY get accomplished by the grace of God. Praying for guidance…There are two ways things can go and one is not nearly as awesome as the other. I know the calling God has laid on my life, I feel like it anyways…just trying to figure out how to make it all work for Gods kingdom and for my family.

I’ve had some great days with Josiah this last week. Great days. I know he’s going to make such a rad big brother. In my nightly prayers with him, I’ve been asking God to really be with him and love on him at times when I wont be able to as well as I’d like…just for this short while where Darby will be taking a big chunk of my focus. I’ve been praying for understanding for Jos and easy transition into not being the “only one”. I love him so much…my biggest fear in all of this is for him…I just want him to know how much he means to me. So hard to convey when he is so young..

One last little tidbit: every day, as small as it is, I’ve been trying to do something for ME. It’s so imperative…you have to as a mother. the other day, I found a silver monogrammed bracelet Ben gave me quite some time ago. He had one made for me while we dating with RMW on it (Rebekah Marie White), gave it to me in an Altoids box, and wrote on the tissue inside that soon enough, he’d have to get me another with my NEW initials. Well, he did after we got married. RMH. When I found it in a box the other day, I put it on. And I’ve been doing that every morning. Lesson being this: even a small piece of jewelry can make me feel beautiful and loved if I didn’t have time for makeup yet that morning. A small piece of jewelry can make me feel better if I feel like a failure because I didn’t have time to clean the kitchen the night before.

*sigh*. sometimes its hard being yourself, isn’t it? its hard to love YOU in spite of YOU. I only say this in ending because today its a little easier being me, because I feel like I’ve allowed myself to love and be loved today. When you do that, I think anyone can be themselves.

Here’s to hoping I meet Darby tonight. Or tomorrow. Soon.

Audrey, thank you for this:

“it may not be red as a rose is yet, it may not be strong as the old oak trees; but love planted deeply becomes what it ought to given freely becomes what it ought to be.”

friday: rad mom interview, sarah williams!

Hello ladies and TGIF!! this weekend is one ive been looking forward to for a while, PRAYING darby makes her appearance and its my last Friday without 2 kiddos. Get this girl out of me! Im finding myself scowling at everyone who’s NOT pregnant in sheer disgust at their gorgeous figure and lack of swollen lips.

So here we are, this Friday, with out rad mom interview-ee..Sarah Williams!

Such a small world. Sarah is someone I knew of while I was at FSU way back in the day…somewhere around 2001-2002. I heard her name a lot, saw her occasionally, but never got to know her. Then what do you know, I travel all the way from Tallahassee, Florida to Branson, Missouri to work a month at Kanakuk Kamps….and there is Sarah at K-Kountry. My kamp. The kamp where I met my wonderful Ben…my husband. And there was Sarah!

Again, never had the time at kamp to really get to know her because we worked in different areas and everything is crazy at kamp. Then one day years and years later we are magically friends on facebook. (gotta love facebook). She now lives in Missouri still…has a husband too…and THREE kids. WOW!

Then through keeping up with her facebook statuses, I find that she is moving to no other state but FLORIDA, no other town but Ft. Lauderdale!! Right in my neck of the woods! Literally 40 mins from me.

It’s destined that we are to know each other, and apparently intimately. Now that she is moved and settled in, we are trying to plan a dinner date for sometime after Darby is born and the Hood life calms down.

Sarah is a sweet girl but its obvious in the very little I know about her that she is STRONG. In everything. She is an advocate and a leader for her children and loves to be a mom…which is something I sometimes stink at being. So I look up to her…and I love to keep up with her blog, imraisingworldchangers. (thats her kids!!!)

You should read it too..its funny. Her kids are reallllly funny and she writes primarily about them and her hubby Brett and their blessed life. Enjoy her interview and give her a shout out on her blog!

INTRODUCING: Mrs Sarah Williams!

Rebekah: well hello. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Sarah: My name is Sarah Williams (I know, such a unique name).  I am a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children: Caleb-4½, Chloe-3 (her birthday is today!), and Luke-7 months.  Marriage and parenting are my passions.  I truly believe marriage is supposed to be fun (though not perfect) and parenting should be a joy (though not easy).  I enjoy figuring out how to best do that.  My husband, Brett, is in full-time Christian ministry, so I help with that, as well.

Rebekah:  tell us about your blog or site. What do you do and why do you do it?

Sarah: I write a blog called  The blog is mostly, if not entirely, for me to keep a written record of my day-to-day life.  Among other things, I enjoy writing about the hilarious antics of my children. The name of the blog comes from my deep desire for my children to change the world in the unique ways God has created them.

Rebekah: When you’re not blogging, what takes up most of your time?

Sarah: Facebook.  Just kidding (sort of).  Investing in my family (both in my marriage and in my children) are my top priority, so that takes up most of my time.  As weird as this sounds, I love to clean and organize my house (though it only lasts until my kids wake up).  I am embarrassed to admit this on this blog because we all have seen Rebekah’s amazing photography, but I often photograph my family and wish I was really great at it.

Rebekah: If you could pick one dessert to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sarah:  I absolutely love cookies.  My favorite are peanut butter chocolate chip and Snickerdoodles.

Rebekah: Most of us are women, some of us are moms. So spill it, whats the most important lesson you’ve learned as a woman in the last year? Mommy related or not!

Sarah:  You have to make time for yourself to do what you love.  I am such a better wife and mom if I get out by myself.  I typically go shopping because I love to shop, but sometimes I will go to Starbucks and relax.  Whatever it is, I come back home refreshed!

Rebekah: Share with us your favorite recipe! (no rules here…)


I make 36 cookies, so cut the recipe in half.  Then, cut the butter in half.  I one cup milk chocolate chips plus one cup peanut butter chips (instead of what they recommend).  I told you I love cookies J.

Rebekah: I hate to cut things with scissors because of the scratchy feeling, and I cannot look at a car that’s not painted glossy for fear of thoughts of chalkboards and fingernails. Tell us about your weirdness…what are your quirks?

Sarah: Where do I even begin?  I have lots of weird quirks. I do not prefer to be barefoot, so I wear shoes most of the time.  I shower before bed (even if I have showered in the morning) because I like to be clean when I get into bed.

Rebekah: If you have kiddos & a hubby, or a soulmate/best friend, tell us what it is about them that you love soooo much.

Sarah:  I adore my husband.  The way he loves and lives for Jesus is incredible.  My favorite quality about him is how much he makes me laugh.  He is so funny.  He is also a really great dad, and that just makes me smile.

My children make my heart melt in different ways.  Caleb is so tender-hearted and kind, yet he is also all boy: tough and silly.  Chloe is our princess in every way, and she makes me laugh constantly.  Luke goes with the flow and smiles a lot; he is the easiest baby ever.

Rebekah: If your husband/significant other comes inside from working, and is sweaty and smelly and covered in dirt, do you embrace the manliness and give him a big smoocher or send him packing, straight to the shower with a fresh bar of irish spring? Whats the reason behind your choice?

Sarah: Embrace the manliness.  That would probably surprise most people.  I like to be clean, but it does not bother me if Brett isn’t.  However, he does not like to be touched when he is sweaty, so he’d head for the shower.

Rebekah: We obviously all love to blog stalk. Give us some of your favorite blogs that you keep up with.

Sarah: I prefer to read the blogs of people I know, so if you publicize your blog, I probably read it.

I recently found The Happy Home Fairy ( and enjoy the inspiration that comes from Julie (whose husband was my friend in college, and I’ve recently connected with her).

My friend, Kirstin ( inspires me in many ways.  She is so hospitable and wonderful.

I read a lot more blogs, but those are two great ones!

Rebekah: Whats the most important thing you’ve discovered since breaking into the blog world? A good tip, say, for those of us who are new to it!

Sarah:  Find your voice and stick to that (whether it’s personal, spiritual, political, comical, etc).  I write about my family and mostly nothing else.  I will never make money off of it or change someone’s life, and I am okay with that.  People may not be interested, but my kids will hopefully like to read it one day.

Rebekah: You can only download ONE album from itunes. Whos it gonna be?

Sarah: I love the Jesus Culture worship albums.  I do not listen to music much, so when I do, it has to count!

Rebekah: Ive said it before, im not a reader but I wanna be. Give me a book that has inspired you, romanced you, kept you hanging, or one you simply couldn’t put down?

Sarah: I do not read much, either, so I do not have a vast selection to choose from (though I did try to read Twilight and was unable to get through it).

The Love and Logic parenting book has been super helpful to me, as a mom.  How To Really Love Your Child was also a life-changing book.  I have read a vast array of parenting books, and these two are my top picks.

Rebekah: We’ve all got them; role models. Give us one or two of yours and tell us why you look up to them!

Sarah: I glean a lot from friends, and many have impacted my life tremendously.  The two people I most hope to emulate are Carol Lemley and Ty Shiver (neither blog, unfortunately).

My favorite thing about Ty is the way she loves her husband.  My marriage is so much greater because of what she has taught me.

Carol has six children and makes parenting look so fun and enjoyable.  I go to her with all of my parenting questions.

Rebekah: Besides blogging, what is one thing that you do every day without fail? Could be big or small.

Sarah: when tucking my kids in at night, I tell each of them: “I am so proud of you.  I am so lucky to be your mommy.  You are so beautiful/handsome.  I love you.”  Who wouldn’t want to hear that every day?

Rebekah: Who is your alma mater, and be honest…what was more important to you while in school; football, or studying?

Sarah:  Florida State!!!!!!!  Definitely football.  In fairness, Brett (my husband) played football at FSU, so it totally worked out for me in the end.  Though I definitely did not focus on studying, I did get my degree.

Rebekah: Saved the best two for last. One, how has God blessed you this week?

Sarah: I moved from Kansas City to south Florida in July.  Two weeks ago, I was having a particularly hard week.  I was very homesick and missing my life and friends back in Kansas.  Well, this past week, I had the BEST week.  I met some new friends, started going to two moms groups, and got to hang out with one of my best friends.  I went from feeling very down to feeling very blessed.  It was wonderful and totally God!

Rebekah: And two. What makes you rad? (OWN THIS)

Sarah:  Even though I have three kids, I invest in my appearance.  I wear high heels, blow dry my hair, and put on make-up (not everyday, but a couple of times a week).  Just because I am a mom doesn’t mean I have to look busted.  I find I feel better about myself when I put effort into my appearance.

wednesday: pic of the week, sister portrait project

like i need another project.

no worries though, this is not one im putting a deadline on. im planning on take a year or two to really build it up.

i love photography, i love my job. but unless you’re doing something for yourself with the thing or things that you love, they lose their luster…they lose their pull. the last thing i want to do is lose passion for the thing that i love, and the thing that God has given me to do.

ive recently decided that my personal photography project is going to be to photograph sisters; annie lebowitz style. ive adored this image for so long, and though it is of a mother and daughter, this is the feel i want to accomplish with the images i’ll take over the coming years.

In a studio setting or in the beauty of the outdoors, my goal is to capture the connection between sisters that cannot be experienced by anyone but they themselves.

i love my sisters so much. im pretty positive ALL sisters go through tough times in their relationships with each other, but its the journey..right? where you end up in your connection and your adoration for one another is no different than with any other relationship, taking humility and unconditional love into account…but there is something so special about a sister relationship that no other can touch.

every time i am with my own sisters i am reminded of the gift they are to have.

there is a song by the dixie chicks that leaves me emotionally wrecked…thinking of the times in my life and in the journey with MY sisters where i will need to be there for them…unconditionally.and im pretty sure the chicks are talking about a man here, but pfft it ALWAYS reminded me of my sisters.

Times Are Hard And Rents Are High
What Can A Working Girl Do
But Struggle Through Another Day
Then I’ll Take Care Of You

Nights Are Long And Dreams Are Cold
If They’re All You Wake Up To
But Should You Rise With Crying Eyes
I’ll Take Care Of You

So Let Them Talk About Us
Let Them Call Us Funny Things
People Sometimes Do
I Don’t Care As Long
As You Know I Love You
Oh, And You Know I Do

I’ll Be There, But You Might Not See Me
It’s Never Easy To Get Through
But When The Laughter Dies Away
I’ll Take Care Of You

As i gather sisters from all over and photograph their connection, ill be posting a portrait up here. like i said, this will take quite some time..but id love to put together a book and portfolio of my sister project one day.

happy wednesday ladies! you’re halfway there!