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monday: hood life, hustle and bustle.

its that time of year.

parties. family. get togethers. constant activity. the time of year where I eat about 4985 times my share of a normal persons diet. awesome!

we’ve traveled almost the entire last 2 months…nuts! we miss church and our friends. It  was so good to go morning and night service yesterday and worship with our community. the best time of our week!

a few things that got opened up in my Photoshop today:

this is the craft table at my brothers xmas party at his apartment…he lives with 5 other boys. they are beyond hilarious. read the sign carefully, and proceed to die laughing.

this is my littlest niece, miss R. we were in Tallahassee the first weekend in December, and Bradley (my bro in law) initiated some s’more making at the fireplace. good times, even better s’mores.

this, my friends, is a reminder that christmas is in 12 days. lest you had forgotten….makes me uber sad. I wish Christmas was like, 3 months long. it is not a fun thought for me that my lights and decorations and cider making and The Carpenters Christmas Album playing has to be done and put away in 13 days. i dont like it one. little. bit.

and this….well, this is my saving grace. this, laid out on my kitchen table, is a small little reminder that “Real Simple Mag and the New Anthropologie Catalog are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Yea, you thought BEER was proof…nah, Real Simple Mag and the new Anthro catalog are proof. Ya heard? (yes! Katie Perdue my subscription came! aren’t you relieved for me!!)


I would insert a picture, now, of my awesome and totally ballin’ Kallima Xmas Party over the weekend…if I had taken a single picture, that is. On one hand I think, “man, that was dumb”…on the other, I realize that it felt AMAZING not to pick up a camera and to simply dance my tushy off for 5 straight hours to the musical stylings of the jammin DJ Sean Nyffeler. To those of you who missed…be sad. Be very sad. There’s always next year! Bigger and Better it will be.

Next up in the Hood World:

re-brand of the kallima blog and website before Jan. 1

xmas in deland


Will keep everyone in the loop, as always. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s design Tuesday, I’ll hopefully be outlining and photo documenting my adventures in making my niece her very own vintage jewelry box for christmas.



wednesday: pic of the week, united front.


whatever the adventure brings us, whatever happens, whatever good or bad comes to be, we’re together.

As we shot a wedding together in Islamorada last Friday, we stopped and snapped this shot of both of us in our comfy Toms. Jeans and Toms, cameras and sand, wind and sunshine…it was a beautiful wedding and we did it together.

Ben was fired on Monday from his tutoring job. Its quite a long drawn out story that really began quite a long time ago, but the details dont matter. He was basically fired for acting in integrity, looking out for his student, and doing the right thing.

Its been such a crazy few years for ben and I. Moves, Babies, job changes, illness and near death experiences, foreclosures, college and career plans…

And ofcourse, nothing ever goes as we plan it. And we for sure did not plan for ben’s income to be cut out of our budget at a time when we need it most, and when we had just decided to go through Dave Ramsey and get out of debt.

But oddly enough, Ben is at peace about being fired. He knows he did the right thing, and we’ve known for a while that he wanted to move into other areas: back into student ministry, more into kallima photography, something where he could continue to be home with the kiddos a lot. I need the help, and he needs the family time.

Also odd, I’m not freaking out. Yes, it throws a severe monkey wrench into our plans, and Ben is now having to look for work immediately instead of us taking the time to really plan out the future.

Yep, we’d appreciate your prayers. Not just for a job so we can pay the bills:), but for God’s plan to really be evident as its unfolding, and that we’d be privy to what He’s doing in our lives in the in between.

United front. I’m with you babe, and I’m so proud of you.

monday: hood life, the circus.

Today, this is what I feel like life in our home looks like.


even with oliver gone (our doggie), life is just as crazy in the hood home as ever. We said bye bye to oliver last week, as bens dad and stepmom came from Tennessee to pick him up and give him a lovely new life in the cold. Poor dog, he has no idea the freezing temperatures that are in store for him.

But things are definitely less stressful around here with him gone. Which is nice, really. I miss him at certain moments, but im glad to know hes somewhere with people that will pay lots more attention to him than we could and somewhere where I’ll be able to see him a few times a year.

But like I said..Olivers gone and its still a circus around here. I dont know how you people with more than 2 children survive. I know it’ll get easier as they get older but for now I’m running on nothing and accomplishing close to nothing as well. Most every hour of my day right now is spent telling Josiah to please stop yelling or getting into everything he’s not allowed to and feeding/changing/burping/repeat’ing with darby. Literally, this girl is the pickiest eater I’ve ever met. She wants to eat for 10 minutes, pass out, suck down about 4 pounds of air so we have to burp a million times in that 10 minutes, then pass out…then wake up as soon as I move and want to eat again, but suck down more air and have to be burped 2 mins into THAT feeding, then fuss and cry and act like she starving and I’m doing nothing to help her.


Lets just say i’m not sure how much longer this whole breast-feeding thing is going to last. 1)you cant wear anything cute or that doesnt come off in one fell swoop. Seriously, it puts a huge damper on the cuteness in your wardrobe. and 2)its so hard to do anything, go anywhere, or accomplish anything when you’re having to feed every 5 mins because let me tell you….there is no amount of breastmilk in the world that can fill ones tummy like a bottle of formula. I’m already contemplating giving her a bottle of that at night now so I can maybe get more than 2 hours of sleep a night. I do not function well on 2 hours of sleep a night. (WHO DOES…)

Aside from doing the above over and over every day, things are great…ofcourse:) Ben and I have tried to be super regular about having our God time in the mornings together, on the porch…with coffee…its really nice when it happens (aka if josiah is napping and darby is content). We’ve been working on lots of things for Kallima, as well as discussing and attempting to accomplish many many details and essentials for our future. (wills, investing, financial planning, bens career as God sees fit, taxes, organization of our life) Fun adult stuff like that!

personal: personally, lately i’ve been feeling more alive and more inspired and more motivated than ever…but have been given little opportunity to act on anything thats been filling my brain. mommy life at its finest I guess. things ive been mulling over and working on and being inspired by? take a gander at the list below…

a new company-bizness venture in south florida…details soon…

real simple magazine

southern weddings magazine

advertising and weddings unveiled mag…yep, happening soon. ben and I are really excited about this…

bookshelf design

thrift store designing my entire house.

a photoshoot of my husband. must happen.

a completel wardrobe make-over. call it an entire life fashion REDO if you will.

the thought of a costa rican vacation in 2011.

dreams of being outside all fall. yes, all fall.

spending a couple hundred dollars on organizational items. the container store is about to get some business from me I think.

being totally happy that I’m spending time every day learning about my Savior. this is so crucial and there hasnt been many years in my life where ive been consistent about this. and i’m 27. thats a lot of years to miss out on Jesus every day.


new branding, new business cards, new design on websites, new business ventures, big news in advertising, big ideas for the future, big locations for 2011, lots of things to learn.

thats where Kallima is at and I couldnt be more excited.


Although today is less than exciting and less than productive, I have chocolate cupcakes in my kitchen, Top Gun on AMC, and friends coming over tonight to hang out and bring us dinner. Atleast this manic Monday is ending well:)

I have really fun things planned for this weeks posts, so stay tuned!

Also, I decided to extend the contest from Friday! I’ve received so many great submissions for it that I want them to keep coming…I’m super surprised how many submissions that have ended up in my mailbox, and really surprised at how many women I dont know that read this blog. So if you wanted to send in some images, check Fridays post to read about the contest and go ahead and email them to me at!

Happy Monday everyone!



wednesday: pic of the week, shout out.

a huge, giant, enormous, big as the sky shout out to my brides.

i just had a child, not sure if any of you noticed. i had 3 weddings within 3 weeks of darbys due date. i prayed and prayed for Jesus to please have mercy on me AND my clients…because darby had to come with me to all these weddings.

jodi and luke, kelly and cory, and kate and sean….thank you a million. you put up with me and my kiddo and allowed me to tend to her when needed. i stressed and freaked and panicked many a time trying to balance shooting and taking care of her, and you were all supportive. i cant thank you enough.

this image was taken sunday night, at my naples wedding. kate and sean…words cannot describe how fun and energetic this couple is..their wedding was phenomenally fun and the best parts of my day were when I was being assured that it was ok to take care of my child and still shoot this wedding. and then this…

This is my gorgeous bride kate, at her wedding..sitting down in her gorgeous expensive front of the slideshow we put up of wedding images from the day. She literally sat here 2 or 3 times throughout the reception and just stared and smiled and sighed…MADE. MY. LIFE. seriously. what a gesture. what a testimony to what great clients we have.

so brides, i thank you.

I also had a few shout outs coming MY direction over the last few days and I’d like to share them below…I’m feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed, but feeling blessed. Thank you Mary Catherine, thank you Laurie, thank you Hayley, thank you Paper Strudel.

Mary Catherin Hamelin (mary catherine is great friends with my bride Jodi and was a guest of Jodi and Luke’s at their Winter Park wedding a few weekends back. she is a doula SHUT UP I LOVE HER in brooklyn new york im pretty sure..and totally came up to me at their wedding with congratulations and singing my praises and telling me how wonderful she thought it was that i had just had a baby and i was there. she was the sweetest. she wrote this blog post about me a few days after the wedding…the most thoughtful girl ever.)

“The wedding we went to over the weekend was beautiful. One of my oldest friends got married and he & his lady threw an amazing party to celebrate. A few weeks ago when I saw the link to their engagement photo session I started checking out their photographer’s website…twitter…personal blog…you know how that trip down the internet rabbit hole goes. Such lovely photos, and such a lovely person. She had a baby right before their wedding date and I noticed she had some awesome family members helping her out at the wedding for breaks with the little one. I know my friends were thrilled to have her photographing their wedding and it warmed my heart that she was really showing the essence of a “family business.” There’ve been a few times where I’ve had to bring Matilda to meetings, and I feel really blessed that I have doula clients who insist that she is welcome, that they understand sometimes you just have to “do what you gotta do.” They know I’m a mom first and a workerbee second, and if anything, being a mom and having that life experience helps me to serve THEM better. And it really helps that they’re about to become parents themselves. They get it. They understand that sometimes I show up with stickers on the back of my shirt or have paint on my jeans. Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to Rebekah Hood & Kallima Photography–for all my Florida friends looking for a wedding/life photographer, she’s really sweet, produces beautiful work, and is a real person who gets real families. I hope I continue to be so lucky to work with people who get me as well.

**This is Mary Catherine in action at their wedding. she was a FAB DANCER.

Laurie Kleinhenz (darling friend of ben and I’s, nanny extraordinaire to josiah and darby whenever we need her, photographer and event designer)

it’s a tuesday. a typical tuesday in the life of laurie bee. juggling photog work, events, bills, big girl paperwork, insurance issues, and trying to pencil down all my creative thoughts, ideas, and dreams. it’s times like this when it feels endless. always something to do, always somewhere to be, and always someone to help. a life of mediocrity sounds appetizing for just a small second as i sit here battling through the tuesday to do’s. let’s be honest. tuesday’s to do’s will most likely become wednesday, thursday, and friday’s to do’s.

sigh. i think god uses these days to remind me how sweet it is to trust in jesus. to know that i am taken care of, loved, approved of, and delighted in. whether i edit an entire wedding today or not, jesus loves me the same. and whether i tackle through all of these past deadline to do’s or not, he still finds me perfect and precious. oh my sweet lord, his grace is enough.

small smile. :) i need to dedicate this blog to my sweet special, beka. who does all this and more… with a husband, toddler, infant, and annoying dog. she does it ALL and still looks fabulous. much love to the most amazing mom (besides mine) that i know :)

Hayley Lord (a fabulous bride of ours from back in May of this year. i love love love when I see things like this written on twitter..)

looking at my wedding photos brings tears to my eyes 🙂 and always makes me feel so lucky @JeremyMLord @kallimap @benisrad
Cynthia Jackson – @paperstrudel (a new person to follow on twitter…because they made these after the wedding out of state reception invites and whitney and lane look HAWT on them…thanks cynthia for the shout out and for making my clients look even better in print!)
This was a beautiful couple to design invitations for! This beautiful photography was shot by @kallimap! #weddings
Alright I realize that this is the latest mom blog post ever seeing as it’s 7:45pm on Wednesday night…but I hope you all enjoyed. And tomorrow I’ll do better..and earlier! for the LLP post. Night ladies!

monday:hood life, likes & dislikes.

What a weekend. we just got back into town from shooting 2 in Orlando on Saturday, and a second in Naples on Sunday. Tired is too soft a description for the way we feel…especially me.

Three times in the past week I’ve heard a variation of the same phrase from a few different women; “you are superwoman”. “i have my suspicions you are Wonder Woman”, “you are super mom and my inspiration”.

While some of you may agree with those above statements, and some of you are those that said them to me…I am so not any of those things.

I put on a very good front. I’m an excellent faker. Really…try me sometime. I’m a mixture of “wear my heart on my sleeve” and “you’ll never know how I really feel”.

After our second wedding last night, my body felt as though it’d been tossed around an ultimate fighting ring and my emotions were as high as a kite. It had been a long 3 days of travel, a long few days without my josiah, a long 2 days of a camera around my neck. I had a billion thoughts, a billion epiphanies, just as many blessings and just as many dislikes over the weekend.

like: my brides. how they hug me when i arrive to start shooting. and how they text me after the wedding to tell me how much ben and i made their day.

dislike: having to hear darby cry and not being able to hold her.

like: the fact that we got to stay at the naples grand in a bungalow with the amazing laurie kleinhenz..and the fact that there was the raddest shower, the most delicious 2am haigen dasz ice cream, hilarious convo, and cvs tube tops involved in our one night stay.

dislike: that the bed was like heaven on the comfort level, yet i didnt get to enjoy any sleep in it…thank you darby.

like: bride and grooms that serve us the same 3 course meal as their guests…RAD.

dislike: baby acne. it gives me such ridiculous anxiety.

like: driving down alligator alley.

dislike: not seeing one lousy alligator..lame.

like: getting to shoot weddings with ben.

dislike: the claustrophobia that comes with riding in a 4 door car with a dog, a husband, 2 kids under 2 years, luggage, strollers, photography equipment, and food. CLAUS-TRO-PHOBIA.

like: laurie-isms. like, “darby dont do that. you know how i feel about spines.” (laurie reasoning with my 3 week old about letting her head fall back.)

dislike: silly dj’s that play 4 different songs 2-3 times at the same reception. (i love usher but he sings more than one song. ahem.)

like: wedding guests that are too nice and fun to notice or say anything and continue dancing anyways.

dislike: girls who have legs up to their neck.

like: my husband, who in response to my “i wonder how far off i am from 1-2-0 pounds”, says “a long way”. gotta love honesty.

alright ladies, im so beat! i hope my case of the mondays didnt bring any of you off any highs or anything…tomorrow is another design tuesday from Ashley Cortese of Smitten Design blog, so check back. Shes fabulous! For now, I’ll end with my adorable kiddos. Because I’m a mom and I’m allowed to say that they are the cutest kids in the world.

monday: hood life, carry on.

i saw the poster as i was darting up the stairs to get my job done….while concentrating on my “work”….my “art”….i was shooting a wedding and of course, the thoughts and actions on the forefront of my mind were all work related. “ok, dress…jimmy choos…bouquets…jewelry, check. now for makeup shots…”. my mind running in a million different directions..ideas running rampant in my head…discussions on light and time of day, shadows and creativity with Kat…all work related thoughts.

meanwhile Darby was downstairs. yes, in my brides house. yes, i had to bring my 10 day old with me to a wedding and take care of her for the first 3 hours of shooting until my mom arrived to save the day. yes, i brought my newborn with me to a wedding.

when i realized how silly it was for me to have to do this the night before, i panicked. what am i supposed to do? i cant NOT bring her. the child has to eat. shes been in the world 10 days and what, im going to leave her for 14 hours? i have to bring her. what am i supposed to do…

my bride jodi was amazing. her family and bridesmaids, even more amazing. holding darby, talking to her, telling me how great it was that i had her with me and that they felt like they really knew me personally…

i was relieved. so thankful. but still, i had a job to do. thats why i was there. to document jodi’s day. i was running around like crazy with work on the brain, hating every second that i had to think about being torn between work and my baby.

and i saw the poster…as i was darting up the stairs to “get my job done”…

and i realized i didnt have to choose. God was there, He was taking care of her by keeping her calm…keeping her quiet…keeping her content, so that i didnt have to worry and i could fulfill my responsibilities.

last year for months before josiah was born and for the first few weeks afterwards, i prayed every day, multiple times, that God would teach me what it meant to love Him first, my husband second, and my children third. (notice work was not in the top 3) And then, God allowed Ben to become gravely ill and put into the hospital for 2 months…and recovery for another 2 months…(with other hospital visits in between)…and i was taking back everything i had asked the Lord. All of the sudden I didnt have a CHOICE about the order of my priorities…I had to fully rely on God to heal Ben, be there for my husband as he was in pain and in the hospital all alone, and then feed and attempt to love and nurture my little Josiah with what little energy i had left. God put my priorities in order…in the right order.

So here I am again…needing some re-organization of life priorities….and i thought bringing Darby to ONE wedding was going to simply break me…? God has so much more challenging things in store for me and my adventures with 2 kids.

Keep calm and carry on. Repeat.

friday: out of town!

hey ladies:) Ben and I are in beautiful central florida today to shoot a wedding at the Winter Park Farmers Market…one of our very favorite venues. Home of Darby & Steve’s wedding in 2009!

Jodi and Luke are about the coolest couple we could photograph on this gorgeous 85 degree day. And we are so excited Kat Braman is along to shoot with us.

Happy weekend to all of you, and here’s to wishing Jodi & Luke the most awesome of wedding days..ever!