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interview friday

friday: interview, me.


Today is a day for transparency.

It is one of those days that so many things come to head, so many things go wrong, everything breaks, every bill is due, and everyone elses life is going SPLENDIDLY. (or so it always seems. ya know, that grass is greener thing?)

So the only thing I could muster today is honesty. So, I’m interviewing myself. I hope all it doesnt bore any of you to tears, hearing about me and my life, what makes me tick, what I love and dont love.



I love being at home…I am a homebody. I love to have nothing better to do than clean and organize and decorate, then sit back and simply stare at it all. One of my favorite things growing up around the holidays was the night we picked up and decorated our christmas tree. At the end of the night when all the lights in the house were up, and the christmas tree was adorned with all our old and sentimental ornaments, I’d watch one or both of my parents just sit in the rocking chair with a cup of egg nog and stare at the tree. Stare at the beautiful twinkling lights. I started to do the same thing. For years now that I have my own tree, I either forget to do this at the end of the night, or I get caught up in making it SO pretty that at 2am its too late to sit and relax without passing out sitting up. But I love this. This takes me to loving lights. I love them. All kinds. Outdoor lights, lights with fire, indoor lamps and decorative lights, anything that gives off some mood. I love mood.

I really do love to get up early. Well, let me re-phrase; I love the way I feel when I’m up early in the morning. (I wish my body and my mind would simply cooperate..). The feeling that nothing is awry, everything is right in the world because there is fresh air outside…the wind that blows today is different than yesterdays. The sun is up and so are my spirits. I always get so much done, as opposed to starting my workday around noon when I dont get up early. (no, this does not mean I sleep till noon peeps, hello..I have 2 kids under 2! it simply means that by the time I do everything for everyone else, the workday finally starts at noon)

I love “window shopping”. Of course I’d love to buy as well, but I think I’ve “not had money” long enough in my life to where I actually enjoy just shopping without buying now. Cityplace is 5 minutes from our house, and I love to go and browse Anthro, Barnes and Nobles, Restoration Hardware, and Pottery Barn. Just walk slow, browse, ooo and ahh, look, love, and then leave. This is probably why I do not like salespeople. I know you peeps have a job you’ve gotta do, but I hate being hassled to buy things. (this should go down in the dislike section, but oh well)

I love switching my channel over to HD Theater when “sunrise earth” or any of those other fabulous nature shows are on. Like anyone else, its a huge dream of mine to travel. Not when I retire, but now. Every year, take a month and go somewhere awesome. I’d really love to take summers off, when we are at a point financially when we can do that, i’ll be the happiest woman in the world. I love how I small I feel just seeing the Sequoia National Forest on the television…I cant imagine seeing it in person.

I get so much energy from night drives. I love to take a drive at dusk. Whether its on A1A or just 2 minutes to Target, I love to get out and drive at night…favorite time being when the sun has just set and its a bit cooler out. I think when I was younger night was joyful to me. It meant going out, having fun, no worries, workday done…and now night times means workday just beginning, cleaning house, cleaning the kitchen, picking up after a toddler, taking care of a newborn…so if I get to take a bit of a “away time” drive, I feel much better about myself.


I got no love for:

People whose grass really IS greener. How many times growing up did you hear, “lifes not fair” in response to your “but mom, its just not fair”. well, it really isnt. Its just not fair how A-Rod can throw a ball around and make 80 million dollars, while I work my tail off to provide for my family and just barely SHMEAR by on a daily basis. Dont get me started on sports players. We’ll be here all night.


And thats as far as I get with the no love section…basically, I dont feel like giving my no love section the time of day.

Its another lonely night here at the hood house, with ben headed out to the raceway to take pics and the kiddos hopefully going to bed early and not being nightmares. Maybe that movie and wine will happen actually. Or maybe I’ll fore-go everything I know to be right and normal and I’ll work all night. Convince me otherwise ladies!




friday: interview day with brittany daniel!

hola ladies. yep, im aware thats its saturday….but im just now getting to me friday post because our internet went out and we had to get a new modem. awesome!

for this fridays post we are interviewing the winner of my baby photo/in remembrance of contest, mrs brittany daniel.

this little lady is near and dear to my heart because ben and i shot her wedding in may of 2009! she and her hubby bret and their amazing kiddo brody now live here in south florida so we are excited to hang more with them. i put together some fun interview questions, so sit back relax and enjoy…happy saturday!



1.       Tell us about you

I’m Brittany Daniel.  My husband Bret and I have a sweet little boy named Brody. We recently moved back down to South Florida. Besides house hunting, I am a full time art student and work at a lovely company called Anthropologie.

2.       My  two vices are sweets and caffeine, what are yours?

Frozen Yogurt. It’s frightening how much I eat.

3.       Tell us one thing you have learned this year about life –

I’m learning how to deal with stress. Driving gives me anxiety and I commute 45 minutes to school, around 30 minutes to physical therapy, then 45 minutes back home four days a week. As crazy as I think I have it sometimes, Bret and Brody remind me that I am too blessed to be stressed

4.       What is your favorite thing about your hubby and your kiddo?

I love how much Bret adores Brody. He is full of patience, a trait I need to take notes on.

My favorite thing about Brody is when he sneaks out of his room at night, into our bed, and wakes us up with kisses.

5.       Hobbies are underrated and not enjoyed enough. What are yours and what do you make sure to enjoy?

I enjoy painting, printmaking, portraiture, and my elephant collection.

6.       Who is your favorite designer?

Every designer in Anthropology. I really love when we get in Tracy Reese dresses.

7.       Tv is so addicting. Are you addicted and to what shows?

Glee and Greys…I love gwen…..

8.       Best movie of all time and why?

Love Actually. Christmas+ Hugh Grant + Love= it has it all.

9.       Latest itunes download or cd purchase?

Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine

10.   You go into target and can only leave with 5 things. What do you buy?

Diapers, diapers, diapers, wipes, and mascara.

11.   Goals for the future: what are your dreams and what are you doing to make them come true?

I dream of finding a home (asap) , making Brody some siblings, and living super close to my twin someday. It’s always better when we’re together.

Career dreams- Something along the paths of Jenna Lyons, Keith Johnson, or Todd Selby. Finishing my BFA is a start.

12.   If you won the lottery, tell us what youd do with the money?

Buy the sunberry frozen yogurt recipe.

13.   What is the single grossest thing you’ve experienced as a mommy?

We are about to start potty training, so I think the best is yet to come.

14.   The most expensive thing you own?

I have always shared a car with my twin sister. When I got married to Bret, he shared his car with me. Recently, Bret bought me my very own car. I love my pri

15.   What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Kilwins hot chocolate and a photo at the big Christmas tree in Delray.

16.   If you could travel for a year, where would you go?

I would go somewhere new every month. Maldives, Australia, Cinque Terre, Africa, Tahiti, Santorini for the first 6 months and the rest of the year I would roadtrip every state in the USA.

17.   One valuable lesson your parents taught you?

Priorities. God comes first, family, and then everything else.

18.   Funny/embarrassing or cruddy thing that happened to you this week?

When I was picking up Jos….I was pretty embarrassed when I started bragging about my car- seat-changing- abilities, and then Ben had to go in after me, and show me how its done.

19.   Good/exciting thing that happened to you this week?

Brody turned 2!

20.   One blog besides rad mom that you follow? I know you asked for one… but I have really grown to love the weird and wonderful world of blogging. So let me narrow down some faves  into categories: