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friday: interview day with brittany daniel!

hola ladies. yep, im aware thats its saturday….but im just now getting to me friday post because our internet went out and we had to get a new modem. awesome!

for this fridays post we are interviewing the winner of my baby photo/in remembrance of contest, mrs brittany daniel.

this little lady is near and dear to my heart because ben and i shot her wedding in may of 2009! she and her hubby bret and their amazing kiddo brody now live here in south florida so we are excited to hang more with them. i put together some fun interview questions, so sit back relax and enjoy…happy saturday!



1.       Tell us about you

I’m Brittany Daniel.  My husband Bret and I have a sweet little boy named Brody. We recently moved back down to South Florida. Besides house hunting, I am a full time art student and work at a lovely company called Anthropologie.

2.       My  two vices are sweets and caffeine, what are yours?

Frozen Yogurt. It’s frightening how much I eat.

3.       Tell us one thing you have learned this year about life –

I’m learning how to deal with stress. Driving gives me anxiety and I commute 45 minutes to school, around 30 minutes to physical therapy, then 45 minutes back home four days a week. As crazy as I think I have it sometimes, Bret and Brody remind me that I am too blessed to be stressed

4.       What is your favorite thing about your hubby and your kiddo?

I love how much Bret adores Brody. He is full of patience, a trait I need to take notes on.

My favorite thing about Brody is when he sneaks out of his room at night, into our bed, and wakes us up with kisses.

5.       Hobbies are underrated and not enjoyed enough. What are yours and what do you make sure to enjoy?

I enjoy painting, printmaking, portraiture, and my elephant collection.

6.       Who is your favorite designer?

Every designer in Anthropology. I really love when we get in Tracy Reese dresses.

7.       Tv is so addicting. Are you addicted and to what shows?

Glee and Greys…I love gwen…..

8.       Best movie of all time and why?

Love Actually. Christmas+ Hugh Grant + Love= it has it all.

9.       Latest itunes download or cd purchase?

Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine

10.   You go into target and can only leave with 5 things. What do you buy?

Diapers, diapers, diapers, wipes, and mascara.

11.   Goals for the future: what are your dreams and what are you doing to make them come true?

I dream of finding a home (asap) , making Brody some siblings, and living super close to my twin someday. It’s always better when we’re together.

Career dreams- Something along the paths of Jenna Lyons, Keith Johnson, or Todd Selby. Finishing my BFA is a start.

12.   If you won the lottery, tell us what youd do with the money?

Buy the sunberry frozen yogurt recipe.

13.   What is the single grossest thing you’ve experienced as a mommy?

We are about to start potty training, so I think the best is yet to come.

14.   The most expensive thing you own?

I have always shared a car with my twin sister. When I got married to Bret, he shared his car with me. Recently, Bret bought me my very own car. I love my pri

15.   What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Kilwins hot chocolate and a photo at the big Christmas tree in Delray.

16.   If you could travel for a year, where would you go?

I would go somewhere new every month. Maldives, Australia, Cinque Terre, Africa, Tahiti, Santorini for the first 6 months and the rest of the year I would roadtrip every state in the USA.

17.   One valuable lesson your parents taught you?

Priorities. God comes first, family, and then everything else.

18.   Funny/embarrassing or cruddy thing that happened to you this week?

When I was picking up Jos….I was pretty embarrassed when I started bragging about my car- seat-changing- abilities, and then Ben had to go in after me, and show me how its done.

19.   Good/exciting thing that happened to you this week?

Brody turned 2!

20.   One blog besides rad mom that you follow? I know you asked for one… but I have really grown to love the weird and wonderful world of blogging. So let me narrow down some faves  into categories:







friday: to meet darby.

to meet darby is to….

fall in love. with girls! hard for me to do sometimes. but tis now true.

to meet darby is to….

sigh relief that i am no longer pregnant…but to also realize that i still look 4 months pregnant. awesome!

to meet darby is to….

finally be able to relax. i know, sounds nuts right…like i can now relax having become a mother of two and a family of four?? by relax i dont mean sit around and get pedicures and eat bon bons. i mean that i can now breathe..the wait is over, a new adventure in life is here, and i can breathe again.

to meet darby is to….

see my husband melt into pieces. literally, from the moment she came out she became his princess. his sweet girl. his little pumpkin. his darling. although he still goes around the house now and tells josiah “you’re still my favorite!!….boy. favorite little boy!”….having a little girl is different. he is DONE. and its precious. 🙂

i thought i’d share a few images with you ladies that we havent put on facebook yet. darby is here and we are very, very happy. 🙂

a little bit about darby:

specs – 8lbs 13 oz. 20.5 inches long

she has a GREAT set of lungs…no worries folks.

she eats, sleeps, and goes to the bathroom. way more of #1 and #3 happen than #2 unfortunately, but this is to be expected.

she has tiny skinny little legs..long ones, and skinny long fingers just like her momma.

her hair is lighter than jos’ was at birth but is the same style…lots of it and its already naturally fohawked.

her skin is really really soft and she already smiles and tries to hold her head up at 4 days old.

she loves her boppy swing. just like jos. praise the Lord for these things.

her little cry and her sounds are sooo different from josiah. its hilarious, at birth the differences between little boys and little girls are completely distinct and opposite from one another. God is cool.

Well ladies, I am going to stop there for today. I’ll be posting a birth story next week, if I remember it all still..:) so stay tuned. Thanks to all my guest bloggers this week, it was so much relief to know my blog was still being taken care of. love you all.

OH and P.S. – we got to come home yesterday from the hospital and in all the excitement I completely forgot to schedule and post the Thursday: LLP post from the wonderful Jessica Lorren. ACK! Jess, thank you so much for being my Thursday guest and if you’ll look below this post you WILL see hers. please check it out, check HER out, and enjoy:) the only positive thing about my forgetting is that you all get TWO posts today:)

thursday: LLP’s, the morning.

I’m Jess and I’m a morning person. I’ve been that way my whole life. I didn’t choose it but I don’t think I could’ve avoided it.

Growing up, it was the only time my family was all in one place. Dad, just like his own Father, would be the first to wake. He’d brew a pot of coffee and plant himself in a chair with his One-Year Bible. My little sister was next. She’d wake up with a song in her heart that she just needed to share. Mom was always next  and vacuuming the hallway outside of my room. At that point, I knew I was only moments away from someone busting through my bedroom door, flipping on the light and singing “rise and shine and give God the glory glory”. I never had a fair chance at being a night owl. And world, that is a-o-k with me because mornings are definitely one of Life’s Little Pleasures.

But what really makes a morning so delightful?

To me, it’s the way the light comes through the trees and rest on the leaves. It’s the way the air feels. It’s the taste of fresh coffee. It’s the energizing excitement of new opportunities. Or maybe it’s just the caffeine. Regardless, it’s all enough to put a smile on my face for a at least a few hours.

Throughout life, many of my favorite experiences have been mornings. Getting up early to take the boat out with Dad; hopping in the car to go garage sale-ing with Mom; breakfast with my college roommates; and now, just snuggling with my husband.

As a photographer, I find myself most inspired in the mornings so I try to do anything creative before noon. I’ll book early shoots whenever possible and I’ll do all of my writing as soon as I grab my coffee.

I’m not a mom yet, so I have no idea what mommy mornings will hold but I hope and pray that they are full of cuddles, giggles and plenty of coffee.

But for now, I’ll take every chance I get to hop on a boat with my dad, treasure hunt with my mom, laugh with my best friends and of course, snuggle with my husband.

Thank you Bekah for inviting me to share this post and I wish you all a wonderful morning.

(Photo caption: Mug + Journal from anthro and photo + latte by Me)

**thanks so much Jess for being my guest blogger on thursday, LLP’s! Please take a gander at Jess’ whimsical photography here…let it sweep you away…

wednesday: pic of the week, ultimate sacrifice.

**image courtesy of Kat Braman

Alan is Jen’s husband.  Jen is my good friend.  One of those friends that no matter how long it’s been since we last talked, it feels like it’s only been 5 minutes.  I love this girl, so of course I love Al.  I took this photo on their wedding day while Jen was putting on her dress.  This photo is a reminder that there are people out there making mega huge sacrifices for the rest of us and that should never be forgotten or taken for granted.  Alan is in the Massachusetts National Guard and is scheduled to go to Afghanistan soon.  Jen has not seen him since the end of July and he’s expected to be gone 1 year.  He’ll be there when Jen gives birth to their first baby.  I can’t even imagine going through childbirth while my husband is thousands of miles away in constant danger.  Jen and Alan are making a giant personal sacrifice for the rest of us.  I wish Alan didn’t have to be over there, but I am so grateful that there are men and women like him that are willing to give up so much.  Please keep them in your prayers.

**thanks Kat for being my guest blogger on pic of the week wednesday:) so thankful for you! please check out Kat’s incredibly moving and super stunning work here.

tuesday: design, inspiration from Smitten Design!

Introducing, Ashley Cortese of Smitten Design!


Where do you find inspiration?

I have been asked this question more and more recently, and I actually wanted to give it some thought. I also want to hear where imaradmom readers find their inspiration. For me, the first and most obvious answer would be from blogs and magazines. I read food, design, lifestyle, event planning and photography blogs. It’s only a matter of time until my computer crashes from saving images of projects I hope to accomplish “one day”.

My next source of inspiration would be travel. My husband places a priority on “experiences” over “things”. This has allowed us to visit cities and do unique things, like walking food tours or architectural tours. I am typically the person snapping my camera and holding the group up – whoopsie, daisy.

(above 2 photos from food tour in Chicago)
(Wren– this restaurant had the most memorable ambiance for me, in Beaufort, SC)
(9th Ward in NOLA from boat tour)
Shopping- every girl’s inspiration. I love to see a great display.

One of my favorite sources of creation and inspiration happens when I use what I have. Example: I get a thrill when our refrigerator and freezer are nearly empty, yet I can create a meal from scratch (Now it might not be the kind of meal I’d invite you over for, but still, it’s fresh and one of a kind). Or when I find a dated lamp and give it a coat of spray paint. It’s so gratifying.
Now tell me, where do you find your inspiration?
**Beka, thanks for having me, it might be time to try all of those old wives tales to get Darby here.