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monday: hood life, perspective.

i remember laying underneath the christmas tree as a kid. all the lights off in the living room. the little twinkly christmas lights that mommy strung around the tree perfectly and strategically, all a sparkle and dancing as I lay there underneath..looking up, in complete awe of the gorgeousness and eye-popping view.

sad, but as we get age and become adults, christmas is less and less about us, isnt it?

the reality of this is maddening, is it not? but true none-the-less, and its something i’m learning to embrace. sure, i still look forward to a few surprises underneath the tree every year, but as i’ve become an adult and more recently, a parent, i realize how important it is to instill in my little ones (yes even from this early age!) the importance of realizing the true reason that Christmas is so special. My parents did such a good job helping us kids remember this. Every Christmas morning we read the Christmas story out of the Bible, and pray sweet prayers thanking God for the insane blessings he gives us every day, all year long. Now that I’m a parent too, I want Christmas to mean 3 things: time with Jesus in thanks and fellowship, time with my family, and a plan to help and bless others over the holiday season.

Sure, there will be gifts exchanged..good times had, and lots and lots of good food consumed for sheer tummy pleasure! But I hope as we set traditions and concentrate on truly celebrating Christmas around our house, that our kiddos will see what it means to love God and love people through the whole experience.

Its a crazy week around here….we have a Christmas party this Saturday that I have a ton to do for, another one Monday for my SoFly girls, friends in town this weekend, lots of things to edit and blog and ship out this week, and a insanely cluttered upstairs to clean. Bens still looking for another job, we’re planning out a new website and blog to introduce our new branding in January, and we have MUCHO work to do for that.

I’m trying to catch up with the mom blog this week! double posting today and tomorrow! I am fully aware its not Monday..(its TUESDAY!), but this is Mondays post. I’m trying to keep up with my lovely ladies that read this blog. Love all of you. Tomorrow’s hump-day! REJOICE!




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