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thursday:LLP’s, grandmommies and nanas and tanas and mimis.

what would you do without them?

they are good for endless hugs and kisses, endless “good job!” [s] and “yay!” [s], incredibly baby whisperer skills and countless diaper changes and rocker times.

Grandmommie (my mom) is loving and snuggly with my kiddos. She always sees the good in every little thing, even late night dirty diapers, and just laughs and giggles and nuzzles them until they’re tired of her..which is never. She loves to make blankets for them and talk sweetly in their ears.

Nana (Bens grandma)..oh if the world could have more Nana’s. She is the matriarch..the most beautiful and graceful of women…and so mesmerizing that my kiddos as babies just stared and smiled and coo’ed at her. they were beside themselves..didnt know what else to do but simply lie sweetly in her arms and gaze at her.

Tana (Bens mom) is the one you want to PLAY with. She will get on the floor and roll with you…tickle you, tell you like it is, but still knows how to get my kiddos to relax and sit for a spell. She somehow always figures out the most comfy positions for babies…they seem to just “lounge” on her like shes the most comfortable thing they’ve ever been held up against.

Mimi (Bens stepmom) is the one they listen to. She loves to talk and reason with them…what a patient angel. “You’re a sweet girl arent you? yes yes you are. Such a sweet girl.” She takes them on walks and makes sure they have the latest and greatest gadgets. She will hold them for hours on end with not a word of protest…like she never wants to let go.

Taime – Tana – Bens mom, didnt know I snuck this shot of her but I couldnt help but be so thankful to see her loving on my Darby out on the back porch yesterday.

And Nana…ben snagged this one this morning..


grandmommies and nanas and tanas and mimis. the world is such a sweeter place with all of these women in my kiddos lives. for those of you who don’t have your own kiddos yet, there is no way to accurately describe or depict just how many butterflies you get, just how quickly your heart starts to skip beats, just how fast you are likely to tear up, when you see your mama hold your baby. or your daddy hold your baby. it stirs the heart ladies.

i never knew my grandparents, really. saw them, visited them in hospitals and nursing homes..but never knew them. im so thankful that my kiddos are building relationships with their grandparents and great-grandparents NOW…and so thankful that I get to have a Nana still after my grandmothers passed away.

if you dont have a grandmommie or nana or tana or mimi, find one. they’re the best.


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