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thursday: LLP’s- godiva & southern weddings mag.

Its amazing how quickly the pregnancy quirks leave you; how fast your appetite completely changes.

chewing on ice? totally not enjoyable now. 4 quarts of water with lime a day? reduced to 1 and replaced with coke. brushing my teeth for 10 minutes because it feels so dang good? i’m lucky if i remember to brush them at all. (dont hate)

and every day my appetite is changing, fluctuating…most days when I need something sweet it has nothing to do with chocolate. just sugar.

so when I was leisurely wandering the candy aisle at publix last week, I surprised even myself when my eye fell dangerously close to landing on these…

Ok I lied not close…it totally landed on these lovely luscious godiva chocolate truffles with french vanilla filling. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

They sat on top of my fridge for a good week. I saw them every day, passed by them a million times…saying, “nahh i dont need these..besides ben said i was really far from 120 lbs so i am staying away from those.” (im not hatin on ben…he’s just telling me like it is..)

But yesterday I had an ordering session at my house for one of my awesome senior kids wyatt..and I didnt have anything else to offer he and his mother but these lovely luscious godiva chocolate truffles with french vanilla filling. So I piled them on a decorative tray and named them “my clients will eat you and I will not.”

Wyatt ate quite a few. But not all of them. Infact he left 6 still sitting on that stupid decorative plate.

I tried to stay away. I really did. But after editing for hours and working on the 2 hours sleep Darby has allowed me to have every night for about 3 weeks…I caved and had “just one”.

That “just one” turned into two, and I’m positive will turn into all 6 by the end of this evening. I cant describe to you just how wonderful and mouthwatering these beauties are. You simply MUST go and buy them to experience it. I promise this whole explanation above will all make sense.

***no its no accident that these truffles are strategically placed on my backside on this canvas. thats where they have inevitably ended up.

And no chocolate, no truffle, is ever complete if you’re not enjoying it with some reading material. And what better magazine to be thumbing through, as a photographer, than the latest issue of Southern Wedding Magazine, V3!

Its eye candy. Its gorgeous. Its breathtakingly beautiful photography and details have left me more inspired than i’ve been in a few years. The ladies at SWMag are charming and witty, funny and endearing, cute and relevant. I’ve adored every page thus far and I’m kind of bummed to be going through the last few pages today…


2 responses

  1. you’re so funny! can’t wait to see you for dinner. SW is delicious.

    October 14, 2010 at 3:12 PM

  2. I adore SW. And I must go find those truffles tomorrow. I would go get them now, but I’m home alone with a sleeping toddler. 🙂

    October 14, 2010 at 9:18 PM

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