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someone organize my life? please?

MY WORST BATTLE….constant and every day, stemming from my lack of discipline, yes….is STAYING ORGANIZED. im not an organized person. i want with everything that is in me, to become that person who has labels and boxes and shelves and pails and nooks and stashes for EVERYTHING. really, i long and desire to be that person. i know some of my friends who are and seriously, if they’d let me & i could afford it, i’d pay them to come and spend a week with me.

i know ive mentioned before this blog called The Creative Mama. I love it. loads and loads of useful information at all times. They had a post last week on organization, but on a small scale. this was good for me to read. i am bad at taking on huge projects because i inevitably never finish them. i need to start small.

i started on my office the other day…my office that has spilled onto the dining room table and the kitchen bar, as well as being housed, “technically” in the office space upstairs. while my intern emy worked hard on some editing and josiah napped, i spent a good 3 hours trying to get some sense of organization to appear in my office. and i succeeded a little. but i lack the shelving space..i lack the little boxes and filing systems. i instead found out that i have about 4,965 post it notes and over a million file labes and pushpins. what the heck? i need storage space and i am stuck with pushpins.

so i read this post on The Creative Mama and felt better. then i did a little scoping around and found these little treasures on West Elm’s website. i love how modern looking they are, and how simple they look design-wise. i want something like this for my office.

and then ofcourse, i found myself on pottery barns website and immediately began DROOLING over this system for a home office. PLEASE? someone? bless me with this??

ahh, well…until i can afford these things i’ll keep on dreaming and keep on trying to organize on a small scale. anyone have any great ideas on how to organize without spending one of these and one of these? (arm and a leg. i was pointing…but you couldnt see that..)


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  1. so funny. i was just on amazon looking up books on home organization. đŸ™‚ i’m not naturally an organized person either, but i figured it out pretty quick once we started adding kids to this SMALL space. a trick that i have learned is that once everything has a place, you can’t get lazy…have to put everything back where it goes every time. also, i figured out like 2 years ago that doing other little things (ex: making the bed every morning) helps motivate me to continue the pattern in other areas. not to sound bratty, but if you can work on doing some of this before darby is here, it will help you tremendously. the birth of my second kid absolutely ROCKED my world…i didn’t feel like life was any kind of normal until she was almost a year old. not trying to scare you, just wish someone would’ve told me…

    May 28, 2010 at 3:06 PM

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