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tuesday’s stalking recap.

ok so im online constantly. now, i used to strictly stalk photography blog…wedding photographers mostly. but after going to wppi this year (photography conference and convention in vegas) and hearing jonathan canlas speak, i decided to hold off. he encouraged wedding photographers to stop looking at other peoples work constantly, or you’ll never be happy with your own. aside from my SoFly girls (love you girls!), ive definitely held off and  must say…i’m happier.

so now my blog stalking has moved to other genres…design blogs, mom blogs, DIY sites, etsy, stationary sites….love them all. anything art related makes me giddy.

FIRST UP – my all time favorite, Smitten Design Blog. this is put together and kept up beautifully by a fabulous friend of mine, Ashley Cortese. In her day to day she is the Event Coordinator for the FSU Foundation in Tallahassee, but she is a designer at heart. Smitten Design consists of osts of constant inspiration and fun pictures from whatever is floating around in her genius art-filled head. i’m always checking out her blog for the newest post, and today stumbled across THIS. Ben and I are constantly saying…”ugh, i wish our brides would take the time to buy a beautiful hanger for their wedding dress!”…AND look no further Ashley Cortese has saved the day. I cant wait to share this with future brides. check out Smitten Design here.

NEXT UP – i love following The Creative Mama. its run by 10 women; 8 photographers, one designer, and a fellow fabulous mommy-blogger. (go to their about page to check them all out!) the posts are all inspirational….good buys and finds, recpies, kids stuff, DIY ideas, and a whole host of other topics that are always fun to read and check out. I also follow them on twitter to get their latest updates…LOVE this blog. im about to get the ingredients for this amazing chocolate molten cake and try it out…cant wait..

i follow a whole lot more but i’ll save them for another day. enjoy looking through these sites….!


One response

  1. LOVE that creative mama blog…never seen that one…

    May 4, 2010 at 3:24 PM

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